There is a limited number of  grants  that cover local accommodation and the registration fee.

The deadline for grants application is October 15, 2017 October 31, 2017.

If you need financial support, please:

  1. Fill the registration form,
  2. Send a  letter* to the ORGANIZING COMMITTEE,
  3. For students: Send a copy of your academic record,
  4. For students: send a letter of support from a professor/researcher who can provide references on your academic performance.

*The letter should include details of your experience and interest in the topics of the Symposium.

Please send this information to: 

Deadline to send applications: October 15, 2017 October 31, 2017

For UNAM Students

If you are interested to attend, please send an e-mail to 

Deadline: October 17, 2017